All for the children!

Zum-Zum Museum is a new Caribbean enterprise in children’s entertainment, education and general cultural development, based in Trinidad and Tobago. It is a museum targeted to children age 1-12 to give them a way of seeing the world on their own terms – with language and activities to which they can easily relate. Focusing on Caribbean natural and cultural heritage, Zum-Zum delivers creative and interactive experiences in which children can immerse themselves.

What does 
“Zum-Zum” mean? 

Our research tells us that the word was used by some of the First Peoples of the Caribbean – the Tainos – as a nickname for the hummingbirds since that was what the whirring of the hummingbird’s wings sounded like. And did you know that 17 species of Hummingbirds are found in Trinidad and Tobago? That is why the country is sometimes known as the land of the Hummingbird.

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