Once Upon a Caribbean Time

Once upon a time, east of somewhere, south of elsewhere, there lived twelve magical stories from the Caribbean.

The official folktales
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“Once Upon A Caribbean Time” is the premier collection of original Caribbean folktales for young children. Written by Trinidad and Tobago cultural practitioner Sonja Dumas, and narrated by Dumas and veteran actor Albert Laveau, the stories reference traditional Caribbean folktale characters and also introduce original characters with new adventures. From Anansi, the traditionally tricky spider, to Kissoon the Ant to Dan the Crab and the Dumpling Ghost, the stories enliven the imagination of children everywhere.

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This is an amazing collection of stories for children. My son (now 24) used to love listening to it. Much of what he knows about Caribbean culture and folklore came from this. A must-get!


London, England

They listened to it straight through and [one child] says, “I love these stories!” Thanks for making this! Next, we are going to act them out – so much fun!


California, USA

The Narrators

Sonja Dumas

Sonja Dumas has dedicated her professional and personal life to developing the arts in the Caribbean, especially in the areas of dance and media. As a leading contemporary choreographer and an award-winning filmmaker, she brings these skills to her storytelling talents. This timeless, groundbreaking album of children’s stories was the only one of its kind when it was first produced over twenty years ago, and is still one of the only digital albums of children’s stories originating from the Caribbean. “One of my joys is to see the smiles of wonder on children’s faces when they hear the stories,” says Dumas. “There’s nothing more precious or rewarding than that.”

Albert Laveau

Albert Laveau is a veteran stage actor whose career spans work with The Public Theater under world-renowned director and producer Joseph Papp, the celebrated Negro Ensemble Theatre and the equally celebrated Nobel Laureate Derek Walcott, who founded the Trinidad Theatre Workshop, where Laveau originated the roles for some of Walcott’s most famous plays. The current head of the Trinidad Theatre Workshop, he continues to share his theatrical expertise in Trinidad and Tobago.

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